Student in biology, apprentice in zoology, freelance researcher, blogger as a pastime.

I am a MSc student in Biology at the University of Florence (Italy).
My interests involve Behavioural Ecology with special regards to Entomology and Mammalogy. For my bachelor thesis, I worked on the personality of the social wasp Polistes dominula.
I have developed expertise in the ecology of alien species present in Italy, including parakeets (Psittaciformes) and alien squirrels. I am currently working on the behavioural ecology of alien terrestrial planarians.
I am also involved in some projects of Citizen Science for the research on alien species impacts (such as alien squirrels and parrots, and feral cats).
The list of some ongoing projects is reported at research projects.

Lover of open access and open source, I am collaborating with Wikipedia, iNaturalist and PhyloPic and I am curating the web site of the open access entomological journal Onychium and the web site of the Butterfly Week.

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