Research Projects

The Worldwide Painted Lady Migration

Butterfly phylogeography

  • Barcoding Italian Butterflies.
  • IO database: an Integrated and Open Database for DNA barcodes, occurrences, behavioural and ecological traits of European butterflies.
  • Genetic diversity of Mediterranean butterflies.

Ant phylogeography

Genetic diversity of insular ants.

Alien species

Other projects

Photo credits:
Gerard Talavera: Vanessa cardui; Leonardo Platania: Lycaena phlaeas & Crematogaster scutellaris; Thomas Schoch: Pisttacula krameri; Mazza et al. 2016 Zootaxa: Diversibipalium multilineatum; J. Patrick Fischer: Eutamias sibiricus; Gustav Mützel: Hystrix cristata.